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Welcome to the Protestant Reformation course website (RELS-365, Fall 2010, with Rein)


Current assignment:

For Tuesday, Dec. 7, please read Calvin's "Reply to Sadoleto." It's a little long, so start early.


Ongoing: please also post a question about the readings. Instructions are here.


Other links:



"The Seven-Headed Papal Beast," from a 16th-century German broadsheet

"The Seven-Headed Papal Beast"


For Thursday, Dec. 2, please read Calvin's preface to the Psalms, in which he gives a short account of his own career.

For Tuesday, Nov. 16: For this week, in addition to the textbook readings, please also read this eyewitness account of Luther's confrontation with Karlstadt's followers in 1524.

For Thursday, Nov. 11:  For this week: read short descriptions of the Marburg Colloquy by Zwingli and Luther here. Zwingli's On True and False Religion can be downloaded from this link (as a PDF).

For Tuesday, Nov. 9:  Download Luther's Against the Robbing and Murdering Hordes of Peasants and M√ľntzer's Sermon before the Princes in PDF format. Please also note that I've updated the syllabus to reflect some changed dates.

For Thursday, Nov. 4: Download Luther's To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation (1520) in PDF format. 

For Tuesday, Oct. 21: On the Freedom of the Will in PDF format.

For Thursday, Oct. 14: Linkage: Cajetan's "On Faith and Works" and Luther's "Two Kinds of Righteousness".

For Tuesday, Oct. 12: Dillenberger readings can be downloaded by clicking here.

For Thursday, Oct. 7: The reading assignment for Thursday (10/7) can be downloaded (in PDF format) by clicking this link.

For Tuesday, Oct. 5: The first paper is due Tuesday. The assignment is here.


For Thursday, Sept. 30

This week's online materials:


For Thursday, Sept. 23

This week's reading:


For Tuesday, Sept. 21



For Tuesday, Sept. 14


For Thursday, Sept. 9:

This week's reading:


Your assignment for Tuesday, Sept. 7: 

That's it!


We will meet Sunday, Sept. 5, at one p.m. by the giant smokestack near the mailroom, in the parking lot next to BPS, for our exciting trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Wear comfortable shoes.


For Thursday, Sept. 2:

Read Lindberg, chapter 1.

Read Luther's "autobiographical fragment" (click).

Fill out the "student information form" (click).

Read the syllabus and see if you have any questions.

Optional: read Hillerbrand's introduction.

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